Daniel M. Fisher
Fine Artist
Welcome, my inspiration comes from the Glasgow Boys as figuratively speaking Classicism is a choice I made when I restarted my art in 2001 at the age of Seventeen.

At age two, the first thing I ever grasped hold of was a pencil and paper, handed to me by my mother, and started copying photographs from books. Ever since then I have continued to fully nurture my creative side.

I am very inquisitive about life. For instance when I walk down a country lane and see the clouds roll over the horizon, or when looking at the light on the trees on a misty morning, or when I grasp an atmospheric effect on the seashore in spring.

I abate this curiosity by transferring this visual inspiration into presentation, as essentially I’m a philosophically inclined artist who enjoys producing authentic fine artwork that sparks creative discussion about the lives we lead in the places that we live, as our surroundings are just as important as the people we want to be.

In transferring the feelings on to canvas in my studio, or when out in the countryside I observe and explore what it's like to be the essence of a single grain of sand or a big gnarly oak tree.

I like to think that we as human beings are a part of and at one with nature in every way, never for one second denying the vision of light, form and colour. Whilst living we build associations and connections in our lives that shape our own and other people’s life in a direct and profound way, that’s the power of art.

And if you like what you have read or seen and would like to make a trip to Aberdeenshire to see me in my studio then please contact me, I am happy to reply.