Daniel M. Fisher
Fine Artist

My Inspiration comes from reflecting on matters that are closest to the nature of the moment I live in.

Classicism is a choice I made when I restarted my art in 2001 at the age of Seventeen, ever since then I have continued to fully nurture my creative side and can be very inquisitive about life, when transferring the feelings I have onto canvas. I Gain peace in the portrayal of life’s great experiment.

Because I’m a philosophically inclined artist who enjoys producing authentic fine artwork about human nature, I abate this curiosity by transferring visual inspiration into presentation. As I look to the future for more inspiration I find new avenues everywhere to expand into, creating that rich variety of expression that adds depth and meaning to life.

As a practicing Fine Artist I find that many human beings are a part of, and at one with nature in most ways. Whilst living we build associations and connections in our lives that shape our own and other people’s life in a direct and sometimes profound way, that is one of the powers of art.

Art is one of the oldest known activities in the world, and because of the deeply personal aspect to this type of expression, I wonder at the lure of the old masters and ponder on what prompted them to paint the way they did.

This furnishes me with an entire life times worth of musings, as I begin to open my mind to grander possibilities that live normally out of reach, but within the realm of imagination.

I can truthfully say that my artwork has flourished because of my sense of curiosity, something I try to impart to the viewer by way of visual representation.

May you gain joy and satisfaction with the world around you, as I have done, take a journey on canvas!