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Why choose Classicism?

The way I choose to express my gratitude to 'the Masters' is to work not only from my own vision, but also as a copyist and render others art just like it is intended. For instance a musician learns to read sheet music so they can perfect their technique, so my stance is to appreciate the skill in the work of the Old Masters of history.

Making visual art requires a certain amount of adaptability, which is the required nature of the vocation I have chosen. My previous immaturity on the way to where I am now was unsatisfactory, so I decided in 2012 to invest my energy into the classical idiom proving to self that I have potential. I now have fresh impetus to continue making fine art, after deciding my skills were of a worthy level to be noticed in the future. Marketing my products became the goal.

My studies have led me to develop a sense of strong design, with a view to suggest ideas by drawing in the spirit of the subject. My remit to draw on a range of references from all over the world is so I can enjoy the diversity of our planet. The ethos of shared cultures are a good vehicle for practising design and learning composition.

Any observations I make of life offer some natural behaviour to basic humanity and natures structures. In my humble opinion the whole worldly habitat is alive with life, but I alone cannot hope to refer to all it in one lifetime. The fact is, I view mother nature as my friend and confidant in a world of many changes, she is a universally uplifting element to today’s troubles.

Awareness of my life led to creating All Seasons Art Studio as a platform to share my observations on life. To my belief I have something to offer back to the world. My way of viewing everyday life means I have rediscovered my passion for life and that it had in fact never completely deserted me, but yet passion without gaining trust in self first is a hopeless cause.

Being receptive to the light of eternal wisdom is within the grasp of not only me, but everyone.  A diversity of learning experiences teaching us to open our minds and hearts, leading to acceptance of different beliefs,  instead of merely interacting with the world surrounding us. Exploring new beliefs, our own and other peoples to identify the truth WE hold, how else do you learn, if not by exploration and comparison.

You are a unique person, practice honesty and open mindedness. Let life become an opportunity to show your love of learning and growing. By seeding a mature approach to the world within our being, we aspire to aid the growth of all, and appreciate life more often. With too many of life's conundrums, we inevitably create in our minds eye what we think we know about the source of our being.

If there is a lack of due care and respect in life a negative mindset arises within your being. Fear can start to manifest and a lack of self-belief rises, you begin to seek alternative means of relieving the day to day anxieties we all feel. Prolonged stress over time can lead to feeding faulty coping mechanisms and failure to see and accept the offering of the true beauty of life.
Learn to explore and choose to grow.

©Mr Daniel M. Fisher of ®All Seasons Art Studio, 2023

garden drawing
garden drawing
garden drawing
garden drawing
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