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How to foster humanity?

If you believe in being open minded then you know life can teach you many things, as you learn and grow to be more independant and confident within yourself. However if you find you are in turmoil it can often be a sign that you are not in true alignment with your life. You can become jaded and if the issue is left unacknowledged then another form of angst soon arises.

If you find the facts of your experience are beyond mere technical tropes, then the old script you found attractive for so long finally decides to dissolve and now your life unfolds as you choose it. To learn you are human with all that entails, flawed, idiosyncratic, sometimes petty, and often petulent you find the best form in life by being an honest person as we try to make life work the best way we can.

All the emotional clutter we accrue in our lives serves only to distract as possessions have only the meaning we endow them with. To instill an altruistic attitude the egocentric belief in self has to be reddressed into a clearer vision first.


Individuality then is our choice. The need for social inclusion is in our nature as is the desire for a secure and supportive environment. The belief in equality based on the communal value of respecting peoples diverse background, is due to the shared standards of living amongst other cultures. The principle of accountability then becomes the practice of lawful justice, giving everyone the choice to live and grow as they so wish. So personally we learn to adapt to life's circumstance's in our live's.

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Intelligence and IQ can only be a compromise between nature and nurture in our lives, we only have to look within to know that the mind will never truly define us as people. We are all interesting in our own unique way, priceless and immeasurable the human being is an expression of this truth. Yet to ask who or what you are at any given time requires honesty, and as a result of this you begin to see your way to personal resolution and further discovery. By opening your mind you find the willingness to discover the truth. 

In reality we define ourselves as manifestations of choice, will and intent and are a union of physical and psychological principles, maturing in the process of resolving our hang-ups. The propensity to rationalise all the time can be crippling, and this is the seed of realisation that is acquired. To have an open mind about the world is to be part of a greater whole, united in the willingness to accept each other despite any differences. 

So try to practice reasonable free will and free choice as part of life's journey, and enjoy it. The depth of peace in your life is directly linked to your level of clarity. By practicing this type of objectivity and honesty, hard facts then become relevant to your growth. You create an opportunity to release the mind from it’s prior identification to the situation in question, and  discover the joy in accepting the truth of your reality.

People are a part of the world in all ways. We live and build associations in our lives, helping to shape the future in a direct and sometimes profound way. 

May the connections grow and strengthen as we traverse the pathway of life.

®All Seasons Art Studio © 2023 by Mr Daniel M. Fisher is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0 

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