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Danny Fisher | 5th March

®All Seasons Art Studio

Why foster detachment within yourself?

Greater and greater self-detachment can be found by learning to live your life, you don't think it away, especially while your young or it will all be too late by the time you're old.

As inner maturity and confidence grow, you learn to think for yourself and be guided by duty through the maze of life, hence in this respect normality can be the manifestation of social compliance.


Theoretically, reaching for a higher understanding to life you foster an enhanced sense of awareness, but you can lose your sense of perspective in the process by becoming too self-conscious.

These three points are relevant because when you learn the tenets of choice, will, and intent, you become authentic and find your own way in life. Hence detachment is commonly known as having faith, belief, and trust, in yourself.


Emotional sanguinity is a person's choice to be in the world, but not of it.


© Danny Fisher, 2024

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