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Safeguarding Policy

A Good Samaritan

I am PVG checked with Disclosure Scotland and hold a completely clean record of disclosure, I have a duty to report any alleged incident of harm to the Grampian Adult Support and Protection Team. Investigations are handled sensitively and the person's wishes are considered, but If the concerns are serious, Social Services act immediately to make sure the person at risk is safe. Information and advice will be offered so that the person and their family can decide what practical help they need, or what action they wish to take. If they are unable to make a decision, care will be taken to support and protect them.


In Grampian the adult protection procedures give organisations and individuals guidance on reporting and responding to situations where it is suspected, alleged or known that a vulnerable person has been abused.


Who are adults at risk?


An adult is an individual aged 16 or over. Adults at risk have additional support needs and are dependent on others. They might be older people who are dependent on the help of others, people with learning disabilities, people with a physical or sensory impairment, people with mental health problems, people unable to protect themselves from serious harm or being taken advantage of, and people who are controlled or suppressed by dominant partners.


Most people with additional support needs manage to live their lives comfortably and securely, either independently or with help from caring relatives, friends, neighbours, professionals or volunteers. However, for a small number, dependence on someone may produce conflict, exploitation and harm. Every individual has a right to a life free from fear and be treated with dignity, have their choices respected and not be forced to do anything against their will.


What is harmful or hurtful conduct?


Conduct causing physical harm - including that of a sexual nature, conduct causing psychological harm - such as causing fear, alarm or distress, unlawful conduct which appropriates or adversely affects property, rights or interests - such as theft, fraud, embezzlement or extortion, or conduct causing self-harm. Any adult at risk can experience harm, or be at risk of harm, in their own home, care homes, day services or hospitals.


The supporting and protecting adults from harm procedure, defines the Grampian Interagency Support and Protection of Adults at Risk. It provides a framework for recognising and responding to situations where adults may be at risk of harm. They have been reviewed and revised by the Grampian Adult Support and Protection Group, taking into account the Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007, local experiences and amendments to associated Codes of Practice.

The procedures are statutory and all independent sector organisations in Scotland have to comply with them . It aims to help workers recognise when an adult may be at risk and how to respond. It covers:

definitions and patterns of abuse,
principles of investigation,
recording information, and
dealing with issues such as capacity and risk assessment.

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