I’m a lifelong learner in the school of life because I regard people as priceless and immeasurable, the artistry is in realising the spirit. We are all interesting in our own unique way, the human being an expression of this truth.

Reflecting on this for me, it all really began circa 2001 at the local community college when most of my artwork was about being studious with line and shape. Since then I have continued to fully nurture my creative side and can be very inquisitive about life, living close to the nature of the moment is my choice when I restarted my life.

When I transfer the feelings, I have onto canvas I gain peace in the portrayal of nature, philosophically speaking I enjoy making authentic art. Taking visual inspiration and turning it into presentation. I look at the here and now for meaning. Finding new avenues everywhere to expand into and express that rich variety of the world that adds depth and colour to life.

In creating Fine Art, I see that many human beings are a part of and at one, with the world in most ways. While we live, we build associations in our lives that shape our own and other peoples' futures in a direct and sometimes profound way, that is one of the powers of art.

Being one of the oldest known activities in the world, drawing and painting is a deeply personal aspect of self-expression. I often wonder what the lure of the old masters is for me, and ponder on what prompted them to paint the way they did. This furnishes me with an entire life time's worth of musings. As I begin to open my mind to greater possibilities that live normally out of reach, but within the realm of imagination.

I try to reflect the spirit of the subject by making connections between light and form because in a simple way, the relationship between values and composition is determined by the elements of style and design. I can honestly say my work has blossomed because of my creative urge, something I try to impart to the viewer by way of visual suggestion.

My direct aim is to develop who I am by living wisely, my passion and creativity have become my voice and I hope you enjoy it. It's a real pleasure to display, may you gain joy and satisfaction with the world as I do, express yourself.....always!

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