What is intelligence, how do you measure it ? My opinion is based on the idea that mind can only compute knowledge based on personal experience and perspective. This has the potential to give the brain a storehouse of knowledge, thus increasing the capacity of the individual and the ability to function effectively, but I also believe we are spirit having a human experience, meaning we learn because we have certain traits but latent choices to fulfill.

Coming from the basis of we all, in the main, have free will and free choice, comes my belief that the human spirit is alive with possibilities and potential, being expressed in various different ways, mine being through my art. In other words I create my sense of being as I express myself, because to me living true to myself is more than just a quirky paradigm, it is my way of life. My spiritual views are that universally we define ourselves. Meaning we are a real manifestation of choice, will and intent.

This is my definition of intelligent living, a union of physical, psychological, and spiritual principles. I believe we are here because we are meant to learn and grow in the process of evolution. My aim is to develop my humanity, by living wisely, my passion is my life, and my voice - fine art.

I am that I am.