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Term's & Condition's

lion head

I have retained all legal copyright for the ®All Seasons Art Studio, ®D.M. Fisher. and ®Mr Daniel M. Fisher trademarks under the UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. At no point shall any of my artworks be reproduced and/or copied by a third party or organisation without first receiving my prior consent. I am and shall remain the sole legal representative of my estate, where copyright ownership rests and reserve the right to refuse sale or publication of my goods and services at any time.


I only use reliable materials and techniques as my products are considered to last at least one hundred years, but If for any reason owing to third party carelessness there is an issue with customer satisfaction, then the query is expected to be resolved within my jurisdiction. My guarantee includes my professional indemnity for the good and secure state and condition of the items according to the delivery. My logistics are only handled by very reputable providers and aim to rectify any complaint first-hand under the UK Consumer Rights Act 2015. If after this initial instance the items are to be returned then a money back protocol is offered minus postage fees, as a guarantee for 28 days after the date of sale of goods and in the event, there are no suitable replacement item’s being offered.


My communications are kept strictly private and on a need-to-know basis under the UK General Data Protection Act, 2018. I do not undertake any kind of information surveillance with the data of my potential customers, but I do however utilise analytics and metrics for measuring public relations. This informs the advertising strategies I use to promote my goods and services to the consumer, which is permitted under General Data Protection Regulations, 2018. I do not buy, share, or sell the identities of the people that frequently use both my online and physical property, as I market and promote healthy connections with my clients through clear use of UK law.


If you the client wish to withdraw from this agreement, then please contact me using the form below and I will lawfully endeavour to meet your request.


Thanks for submitting!

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