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Why have an eye for traditional values?

I am Scottish born and bred and both my parents were professionals, my mother was a registered psychiatric nurse and my father a social worker.     

At around age three or four my mother regularly gave me pieces of scrap paper, and handed me my first toy which was a pencil. This fired my curiosity and wonder at what could be the visual outcome. I found learning a deeply gratifying pastime to distract me from the many free hours I had as a child. By the time I had turned seven or eight I had accrued enough confidence to go from imaginative scribbles to copying very simple designs from magazines.

I am a self-taught fine artist and subscribe to an independent yet informal approach in my studio practice, I manage my work by drawing my inspiration from matters that are close to the moment I live in. By nature I provide commercially styled painting's, drawing's and writing from the Scottish School, and test the nature of my artistic abilities by formulating my observations on the world at large.

One of the oldest known activities in the world, art has a lot of visual inspiration that comes from a deeply formal way of working, and presented as authentic fine art I often wonder about the lure of the old masters.

Asking what prompted them to paint the way they did I'm furnished with an entire lifetime's worth of musings, thus I nurture my creative side and feel inquisitive about life sometimes. Looking to the here and now for meaning, I find new avenues everywhere to expand into and express that rich variety of the world which adds depth and colour to life.

When I start to open my mind to greater possibilities that live normally out of reach but within the realm of imagination. My voice begins to blossom into a creative urge and direct aim by developing my passion and creativity, and I hope you gain comfort from seeing it.

When I decided to be more professional and produce a portfolio of products each unique within themselves, my art then became much more than just a social pastime, it evolved into a visual language. I had discovered many types of rewarding and inspiring art along with their associated practices, and believe that to make anything you must first have the notion to create or express an idea or feeling. Then be motivated enough to bring the project into being, through the knowledge of your chosen vehicle. In the hard work and commitment required to be part of an artistic process I become uplifted within myself.

So  what on earth constitutes art?

1. Art: A depiction of a historical set of Norms.
2. Craft: Utilising Old & New Approaches.
3. Design: A Practical Approach to Planning.

To me, these three socially relevant reasons for making art explain the joy I feel when thinking, making and creating art. Intrinsically I feel a part of something greater, and put my faith, belief and trust in my own ability to manifest ideas. I believe in creative skills enhancing anyone's life by the power of the mind to see possibilities.

I’m humble enough to admit when improvement is needed, and have found new thoughts and ideas looking at old work of mine, as I am cemented in my belief to take life seriously having a deep desire to study and learn first hand from the world at large . Come hell or high water I have gone on to practice painting and drawing every day since, which helped me cope with life and later mature as a person.

This willingness to evolve has given me the impetus to live sincerely, rising to the challenge to develop my voice by my mother. With significant experience in making works of art I am very happy practising what I love best - questioning everything and sometimes learning nothing.

When making fine art I am creative with life's gold mine of beliefs and ideas and philosophically speaking, when I express my feelings on canvas I grow and learn about the world. I eventually discovered people have their own unique point of view with a few common beliefs in work and life which bind the very fabric of our society together.
The need for respect and the desire to work are universally accepted as normal, and my approach to these and my own spiritual tenets are the fundamental basis to my view of life. I hope to achieve success in my vocation by creating more art by choosing to be open to natures/world reality, as art to me is a reflection of life’s great mystery this is the origins of my passion for living.

A work of art however, will never be as tangible as the real world, yet in the right hands can give the impression of the person's true self. Here are some characteristic style's and approach's to help the viewer muse on the significance of art, and please do take the liberty to question the classifications stated, as my art is not the sole directive of a chosen few, as the myth would have you believe.

1. Fine Artist: Realism, Classicism, Naturalism.
2. Artisan: Romanticism, Graphic, Fantasy.
3. Creative: Impressionist, Modern, Contemporary.

Sourcing many of my ideas from a plethora of artistic influences and my limited explorations of my country I fell in love with life and the light, a sense of the landscape is why I want to capture the sheer grandeur from time to time, and in the main I am satisfied with my efforts.

Art in all seriousness should have warmth and attitude, and inspire you to observe and explore what it’s like to be at one with heart and soul, by my estimation this is the point of good visual presentation. Hence I’m a philosophically inclined artist who wants to create fine and authentic artwork by making my work look as real as it possibly can. Yet I cant help imagine what it might look like in the future, hopefully it will capture the look of bright tones with wild and majestic colour casts.

May you gain joy and satisfaction with the world as I do, beauty is the truest nature as life always has a purpose.

®All Seasons Art Studio © 2023 by Mr Daniel M. Fisher is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0 

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