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I regard everyone as interesting in there own unique way, priceless and immeasurable the human spirit is an expression of this truth, but to ask who or what you are at any given time requires honest reasoning. As an example of the 'inter-connectedness' of life you begin to see your way to personal resolution and discovery. Here in lies the essence of being awakened by our higher senses, and the willingness to discover new potential and new hope.

In reality we define ourselves as manifestations of choice, will and intent and are a union of physical and psychological principles, because I believe we are meant to advance in the process of evolution by becoming whole.

As we unfold in the process of handling our hang-ups the propensity to rationalise all the time can be crippling, and often happens when we find only false promises. We learn that truth is all by discovering the worth of a human life. This is the seed of realisation that I acquired, to have an open mind about the world is to be part of a greater whole, united in the willingness to accept each other despite any differences.

So try to practice free will and free choice as part of life's journey and enjoy it, as the depth of peace in your life is directly linked to your level of mental clarity. By practising this type of objectivity and honesty, hard facts then become important for your growth. You create an opportunity to release the mind from it’s prior identification to the situation in question, and  discover the joy in accepting the truth of your reality.

I see people as a part of the world in most ways because we live and
build associations in our lives, which shapes everyone's future in a direct and sometimes profound way.

Intelligence will never define you as a person, so why question what you are when you can discover who you are.

Thank You
© Daniel M. Fisher, 2023

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