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To my inspiration of the moment.

My choice since the age of Seventeen to fully nurture my creative side has made me very inquisitive about life. As I project my feelings onto canvas I gain peace in the portrayal of nature by taking visual inspiration and turning it into presentation.


I feel inspired by the here and now to find new avenues everywhere to expand into and express that rich variety of the world that adds depth and colour to life.

In art, I see many people as a part of and at one with the world in many ways, a power of art that is often expressed.


When I wonder what the lure of art is for me I begin to ponder on what prompts others to paint the way they do, and furnished with many reasons to muse I begin to open my mind to greater possibilities that live normally out of reach but within the realm of imagination.

I can honestly say that my work has blossomed because of my view of humanity, as I try to impart to the viewer my joy and satisfaction with the world.

Express Yourself!

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