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Do you feel like you’re interested in Art? Do you have many questions about writing? Are there any specific points about life you want to explore, then by all means contact me and make a connection.


I am enterprising by nature and use my initiative to identify different and better ways of doing things, often by understanding the bigger picture I am willing to take some risks to achieve better results. I think about how I can develop your confidence and learn new ways of getting your ideas off the ground, as everything has a place and an order. Meaning; I try to be effective in what I do as being organised in advance really can be a positive asset in life.















By helping others with their work, to exceed their expectations I put a lot of effort and energy into the extra hours and can be capable of working longer than most other artists.  In my willingness and drive to take part and contribute, I usually have a positive 'can do' approach and like to make things happen, often in group activities I contribute to achieving goals, and develop this strength by using it in my everyday life to help others feel good about themselves.


I've made many products in; academia, sewing, collage, jewellery, books, models, sculpture, ceramics, photography, and graphic design, but nothing quite compares to my first love of painting and drawing. And having an online conduit for my creative talents, I have a duty to act fairly and in accordance with my Code of Ethics, where I promise to:


Honour the interests of my customers transactions.

Use clear and concise language as standard.

Treat my customers complaints with respect.

Maintain required insurances where appropriate.

Honour my own, my business partner's, and my clients, good standing.


My inspiration enables me to share observations with the world at large either in oils, or often applying watercolours to my smaller studies in pens and pencils. As by taking visual inspiration and turning it into presentation, Painting and Drawing becomes a testimony to my love of art, with Writing as a staple of my years in training, and not forgetting my penchant for Creative Design as a tool for retail and commerce. Creativity has become my life, and life is what you make it, hence I have chosen to practice good customer service.














Because in a work situation this is likely to mean success for the customer, hence I understand how my job contributes to the clients overall goals. I put myself in other people’s shoes, including colleagues, and fast-track this understanding by identifying people who can help build my knowledge of business and commerce.


But to aid the development of new ideas and solve problems, I neither pigeonhole, stereotype, nor typecast, and instead challenge assumptions with confidence and understanding because, in aiming high and exploring new ways of doing things I cannot help but produce new and original ideas. Hence I am an all-round artist providing commercially styled drawings and paintings from the Scottish School, and subscribe to an independent approach in art by managing an informal studio practice. As such, my products are considered to be conservation friendly, guaranteeing the safe and secure condition of the item/s for up to one hundred years under normal exhibition and display circumstances.















This is because I take pride in everything I do and focus on delivering quality work that is of the highest standard in life, which is very much a case of building good relationships with people who enjoy taking part in team discussions, I listen, persuade, and negotiate, with respect for the role of each person. People come in different shapes and sizes, and to improve social skills I watch the people who do best in a team to explore what I can learn from them.


My education includes seven subjects at SQA level 4, one subject at SQA level 5, four subjects at SQA level 6, and an extensive range of certifications in various fields which have all been achieved through North East Scotland College. I hold other registrations which currently include being able to practice demonstrations under the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme. I am PVG checked with Disclosure Scotland and hold a completely clean record of disclosure which allows me to hold an insurance policy that covers my professional indemnity within UK jurisdiction.


To manage my time I am normally punctual, prepared and naturally focus on how I can do things better, whether trying to improve my performance at work, or just seeing how I can improve and influence the things that really matter, getting better every day comes naturally to me. Good planning usually helps me get my work done on time and I regularly take responsibility for managing how well I perform, but what I want to achieve in the future is to know when to ask for help as I rarely give up when things get difficult. I like people who I can ask for feedback and advice.














I assert confidence in problem solving and lateral thinking as the reason why I endorse the practice of; contributing positively by thoroughly preparing myself, and collaborating creatively by aiming high in life. I reasonably assume that my presence or the interests of partners and colleagues can have a positive influence, where mutual recognition and respect can be shared. Thus in encouraging the views of others in the discussion of a commission, I can negotiate between artists like myself and arts organisers with the aim of achieving a clear vision and decisive pathway forward.


By engaging colleagues in the research of an outcome for a project, I can produce and deliver work, exhibitions, or products for the client, and also hold the ability to liaise with the leads on the progress and direction of a commission. Thus by keeping the organisation - and - community informed about the achievements I contribute promotional content to the schemes portfolio.


The advice given within these pages enables the client as well as myself to engage with the profession, and I advocate that you the client understand the use of this portfolio of resources to protect and expand the additions to your service. As according to the Artists Information Company, a code of practice can be a commonly agreed set of principles which demonstrate the conditions of the work to be undertaken.


I'm a very moral person with strong ethics and can be very aware of the difference between right and wrong when it comes to looking at the facts of a situation and understand the cause. I tend to explore viable solutions before coming to a decision and maximise this further by ensuring that I evaluate my solutions each time. I always act in the way I believe is right, with my decisions and actions always guided by my ethics and values.


Because my principles are important to me, I love to write about them, whether I am updating my status online or creating articles, I enjoy the experience of writing at all sorts of times and in all sorts of places. Often finding myself demonstrating how to communicate with others by naturally focusing on what is important to them, I live life believing in open and honest communication. Being open to change and having a positive attitude enhances my optimistic and resourceful nature, and as such has become the heart of everything I do.


My Code of Practice can help unpack the commissioning and delivery process for my engagement in the arts, as managers need clear and effective information, guidance, and tools, to foster connections not only creatively but responsibly. As such I only utilise analytics and metrics to measure public opinion, and this then informs the strategies I use to create my goods and promote my services, with the knowledge I have to safeguard the data of the people that frequently use both my online and physical property.













®All Seasons Art Studio contains a varied showcase of Painting's and Drawing's including Writing, aimed at providing the answers to thinking positively, trusting simply, and living wisely. If you the client wish to query this agreement, then contact [] stating your precise request, with respect to the Disclosure (Scotland) Act 2020 and the UK Data Protection Act 2018, or UK Consumer Rights Act 2015 and Trademarks, Designs and Patents Act 1988.


I retain all rights to the ®All Seasons Art Studio, ®D.M. Fisher.  ®Mr Daniel M. Fisher and ®Daniel Fisher trademarks under UK laws, and at no point shall any of my work be reproduced or copied by a third party or organization without either attribution and/or prior consensual agreement. I am and shall remain the sole legal representative of my estate, where copyright ownership rests and reserve the right to refuse sale or publication of my goods and services at any time.


©Mr Daniel M. Fisher of ®All Seasons Art Studio, 2024

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