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Femme Fatale, 15cm x 20.5cm, mixed media.png


Carnival Time, 15cm x 20.5cm, coloured pencils.png

You are what you are not?

My life experience has taught me to distrust my all-too-often blithe accusations of stupidity, which are normally aimed internally at people who refuse to comply with my wishes or demands.

I choose a better type of attitude towards others and expect a kinder and more compassionate response, in which usually comes from myself as a form of love and empathy because, in the choice to be free from blind hatred and intense fear, I realized both cripple my sense of continuity in life.






This concept is usually called self-realization and is based on the idea that being human is a given, as we all have earned a world of insight gained from hard failure and loss, which is unlocked in us and then disseminated when we finally discover our true nature.

Faith in this case is just a steppingstone to a creative solution, as I have the courage to propound an answer and then find I later question my own key ideals in the process, which is a real reason to actually listen and learn.

By using self-awareness I gain another form of learning, and being by nature self-directed is of no fundamental consequence to learn to see my mistakes, as what is required is the desire to change in the first place. This can be half the battle, with choice, will, and intent my allies in conquering my reluctance to be objective, which always comes with the feeling of not being able to cope with life’s demands.

As encouragement, if I can participate in something then I find a shred of self-determination and a positive direction, however small my contribution might be, my life becomes enriched as a result of feeling in control. Stubbing the notion that if I do not take part, I have no recourse for complaint when life becomes chaotic.

I am of the belief, the more I stretch myself out-with my comfort zone then I become more open to the possibility of creating a greater safe-zone around me. This is because it’s hard for me to accept that all life is solely dependent on bad experiences, as often what is necessary is just to see the truth.

I call it self-confidence, and to me it's the freedom to live and act authentically, by observing my reality I naturally come to my own conclusions, and in the process begin to understand other people better.

I do not know what motivates some people as frankly I have only ever seen a certain amount of inherently neurotic ideation in some, as a crippling sense of insecurity that renders them fragile.

Entitlement can lead to self-interest which can spiral out of control, and ultimately lead to a rapid deterioration in physical and mental health.

To learn who I am, I became, independently minded.

®All Seasons Art Studio © 2023 by Mr Daniel M. Fisher is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0 

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