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Why I chose to seek Spirituality.

As I matured beyond mere words and images my mind began to open, and I discovered I basically knew nothing about reality. My view now as a continuum of expanding energies, a force for change. The label 'being conscious' became the mantra of my life. With the many choices I make within my reality - whatever the outcome, I began to accept the responsibility of growing up and take ownership of my behaviour. So I learned as I went along. By my logic this basically meant enlightenment of the greater truth. Taking ownership of our true selves, as a soul in human form, is for me having an authentic purpose, something to be passionate about. The result of choice, will and intent. To realise this also applies to the soul's aspiration to experience, learn and grow, can be the underlying reason for our human existence. Real progress is having an uncluttered understanding of life in it's many aspects, because in our lives we forge our way from the moment we decide to truly live, and when we come to the realisation that we are a being of worth. 'I am a seeker' both spiritually and humanely living, learning and growing. I aim to compensate for my mother's physical frailty, I learn to cope with the demands of looking after our house, and I learn from other people in any which way I can. So learning for me is a composite of seeking, of looking, listening, thinking and acting with no pretence just awareness. Being aware of the power of the human spirit to transform problems into a rewarding life, is essentially the realisation of my true nature and wishes, and the commitment to work towards them. This means that when I return home to spirit, to family and friends, ideally I will have learned more about myself and the nature of humanity. I am now beginning to question my idea of reality, examining the belief that people are just a matter of dimensions. Something guru's and sage's have been saying for centuries. Based on personal experience, my reality is a continuum of causality, better known as systems thinking. By working on mastering my human side I mature as a person and learn to be with life. Our life circumstances are just a reflection of our choices and level of awareness at any given time. I say we have it within ourselves to live with the reality that life is as we view it, and/or make it. This to me is the key to enlightenment, understanding ourselves. Knowing where we have come from and ideally our pathway forward. To be our own master is learning to see the world as inter-connected and respecting its many shades and diversity. With this realisation towards life the world and it's people become very rewarding, allowing all to mould a better version of self. Firstly by looking inwards and then outwards avoids the trap of one-upmanship and self gratification. I believe there is a time and a place for everything and everyone, personally my experience of self-transformation led to a greater clarity of thought, which then reflected outwards to embrace life more. I now exercise my freedom to be an independent being, part of but not necessarily actively participating in today’s world, which is often fraught with complications. Sometimes my failure to take positive action in life or say no to people, has given me the opportunity to muse on the saying, that there are no problems only solutions.

My mindset is to have a warm and open heart for humanity, after all I am but one voice in many and if I don't honour all life, then I prefer to be mindful and choose to respect life in it's many, many forms and ways of connecting with the world. Reflecting on my experiences so far, I am conscious of my frail flesh, my naivety when it comes to knowing what to do, and my at times, lack of clarity. I am often inspired to take the opportunity to practice compassion to extend the hand of love and include others in my life. Awareness as many people know it, is often called empathy, and there is also higher awareness when we feel connected to something or someone greater than ourselves. Yet what does all this mean in the human world? Simply put, 'mindfulness' to do no harm by either thought, word or deed. Everything carries a consequence, either positive or negative. So I am personally open to learning and changing, as reality through my eyes, is the connection from spirit - to me to aid my growth. I'm not in any way psychic but like to think I am developing awareness of the greater truth. I believe we all have something of value to offer the world. The whole universe I am told, is to be seen in every form of life that we can experience. Either through the human senses or in the unseen world. I have come across many 'spiritual laws', many scientific 'models' and quite a few social 'trends' but find the only enduring facet of life is change. Either on a shallow or deep level depending on our choices at that time, and find change to be a good thing. I try to remember I am in control of my life, and it does flow at my chosen pace. Life is more than a mere symbol of unity, it is the harmony within my soul from the source. It is said, there is your way and there is my way, and both are correct. I discount anyone who is willing to denigrate or manipulate others for any type of personal gain. In my understanding, when it comes to my true self it is merely accepting I am a flawed human being, and so accept and allow self and people to unfold as they wish. I now have enough maturity to realise it's a choice to take full ownership of self, whilst still being receptive to other peoples ideas leading to a view of life as a spectrum of differing awareness. Meaning what is truth to me is not necessarily true to you, either way I respect your right to choose. My belief is.....what you give out is what you get back, we have all seen Karma's learning curve play out in our lives, as at some point life will inevitably strip us of our delusions, so that we ultimately find our best way. As I learn to live and grow to become more awake and aware, I realise I am more than the sum of my parts, fostering the belief in something greater than myself. To put it another way, an ever unfolding experience of reality, and continuing progress into wholeness. Speaking academically this is how I view the term "The Way", as an understanding of how to relate and respond to life. My life is my practice, because by being open minded, disciplined and believing in the necessity of having faith and trust in the unknown. The promise of progress is then knowing life will make me whole again if I let it.

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I try to be as constructive as I can be. At some point action naturally turns to inaction and I find I am at peace. This is usually when my thoughts begin to make clear and concise sense and cease being fragmented. A sense of wholeness prevails. To be positive about life all the time can be difficult but not impossible, just openly view the world in it's many multi-faceted aspects as a stream of consciousness. See the truth, by living and working with life's set of circumstances, I often discovered this the hard way. Accepting that I can only be the best 'I' can be at any given time and learning to attend to the now in a practiced and practical manner, thus leading to an improved 'next moment'. Practicality for me means living without a constant state of fear. There are a lot of subtle examples of love and compatibility which are whole and complete in their expression. Showing willingness to take part in life uncovers many ways to be active and participate, to be fully involved with life. This is how I gain my sense of self, by being open without pre judgement. In this context 'goodness/possibility' is not a false promise, it leads to a mature outlook blossoming within the being. To know what is in our mind at any given time requires a degree of self awareness, and to focus purely on problems without acknowledging and dealing with the source can be a fools errand. So I say why not try to make informed connections instead. After a long time of not knowing who or what I am that was the answer which dawned on me. I believe life can be good and accept the necessity for accepting humanity despite it's often unruly nature. I hold firm in the worth of a human life. The willingness to accept each other despite any differences. Life is a journey, live learn, grow and most importantly hold fast to your belief in your truth.To learn to live by our own truth, means past and present situations become a gold mine of personal knowledge and experience. Life ceases to be pre ordained, but to be explored. So the question is, what is reality and why is it not uniform for everyone? The answer is simple. Yes we are basically the same, but different, each to their own, there is no 'one size fits all'. Growth happens in phases. One following on from another, and are due to adoption of informed choices. Choosing to live life by your own reality, it seeks of you to cease judging other people for their personal view of reality. When we begin to see periods of progression in life, the willingness to seek ever greater freedom and enlightenment comes forth. This then leads to the realisation that there is a better way of living. To discover the seeming end is only the beginning for us. It carries with it the reality that we and the universe are infinite and eternal. The source of our own humanity being a seed of salvation. Know that being alive is to be born equal in life. The truth of us waits to be discovered as being a part of all things blessed. Through the practice of informed acceptance and self-control personal reality becomes of our own choosing. The universal is here to guide us on our soul journey, back to the source of creation, but the choices are all ours, and are adhered to. The cyclic nature of our life can teach us many things, not the least of which is to be open-minded. When we acknowledge and learn from the people, experiences and signs on our life's journey we can prove to ourselves we are of worth as a human being. However, firstly we must ask, who am I, what am I, and where am I heading, or aiming for, and lastly how do I get there? Simple answer is by beginning to ask, who, what, where, when, how and why? In truth...... We only ever need to be a decent, caring and humane, human being! Just my musings. May you walk hand in hand with the light.

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