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What is your choice?

It is said that self is a phantom concept as often what you see in others is yourself in disguise, and in this way life aids us to agree on what is normally regarded as acceptable to us. 

The Royal
One Fine Day
Bikini Girl
A Lovers Embrace

Who are you, and what are you. Could it be that you are no more than a product of indoctrination through the formative years, given rules and regulations that must be adhered to, or have you gained the capacity to listen, observe, experiment until you find what sits comfortably within the self. Each and everyone is different, yet still basically the same, and what we see in others will strike a note of being at ease or conversely unease as the shadow and hidden parts of our self are recognised.

So, what is normality, is it another form of social expectation, the reality of which is different for everyone. As our apparent natures become illuminated like a mirage of worldly desires from strong influences, we begin to identify with the enigma that is mind and this informs and shapes our standards as individuals.

Over time we appropriate these from  various cultural and social influences which once experienced eventually teaches us to work towards self determination and detachment, or inclusion, thus resulting in a greater understanding and sense of self, and so life becomes less complicated. In this case the herd mentality then is simply a sign of citizenship, which according to the theories of the social sciences means we are all social animals by nature. You are, however far fetched it may seem, imbued with the personal capacity to choose and choose accordingly.

I believe we form our beliefs through trial and error, success and failure, learning as we go along and either adopting or discarding, the mores of the community we live in. However good or bad the reality of the person, people or situations we see in life are, the fact is the big "I am" exists, and ultimately is doomed to failure. We as a species make our world a place of many delights but also many pitfalls.

I doubt any human in history has ever said they live life as though there are no limits, but then is what you make it. Choose and choose wisely.

®All Seasons Art Studio © 2023 by Mr Daniel M. Fisher is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0 

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